I’ve been working with wood for about 30 years building furniture and doing some intarsia.  I’ve also worked with stained glass and spent some  time making jewelry.  I recently decided to try my hand at working with metal.  Over the last couple years,  I’ve learned to weld and recently built a computer controlled plasma cutter. This allows me to cut metal shapes of  just about anything I can draw on the computer.  Lots of metal artists, especially those using plasma cutting, are doing western art.  I’m trying to stay away from this and pick unique areas.  I’m testing the waters in several areas as time permits. I have lots of ideas, and as I learn more and my skills with the tools of the trade increase, we’ll see what I get!Here’s a video of my plasma cutter in action.  This is my own design. Most of the bearings, gears, and mechanical parts came from eBay. I use the Mach2 controller, Bob Campbells Torch Height Control, Xylotec motor controller, and a Miller 375 plasma cutter.

If you see something you are interested in please email me for details.  I can customize anything to meet your exact needs including custom text and figures.

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